Honey as long as there’s some money

Honey as long as there’s some money

I’ve been an eBates / Rakuten loyalist for years – and until recently, I almost always chose them over Honey Gold when I’d check out online. (The two programs’ browser apps are lifesavers to remind me to use them / save as I purchase.) But in the last few months Honey has really got their program together and the difference between the two is huge. Since mid-October I’ve cashed in points for $20 in gift cards to Sephora – and Todd has cashed in points for $30 in gift cards to Amazon. (And I currently have enough pending points in my account for another $20 in gift cards once those points clear.)

In addition to Sephora and Amazon, here are a few of the other merchant gift card options with Honey: Target, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Lowe’s, Home Depot, iTunes, Old Navy / Gap, and Chipolte

If you shop at Ulta online and have the Honey browser app it almost always will give a pop-up that offers $1-$5 worth of Honey credit for multiple items in your purchase. And I just had a $2 Honey credit offer pop up on Disney.com for a Christmas ornament as well. If you shop at Chewy.com you’ll get the same types of individual product offers from Honey on your pet-related purchases.

I’d much rather get instant gift cards as I earn them on Honey vs. smaller eBates / Rakuten credits on PayPal every 3 months.

This is my affiliate link (full disclosure) for Honey if you haven’t signed up with them yet – new memberships get 500 points (1000 points = $10 gift card):


And if you already have a Honey account


There’s a Honey browser extension for Safari as well:


In addition to all the above, the Honey browser app also allows you to “Droplist” individual items through various merchants using Honey, and Honey will e-mail you a heads-up when that item goes on sale. It’s a lot like CamelCamelCamel in that regard – but much easier / faster to use! And since everyone is doing a Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale every day of the week now, it makes it much less of a hassle to keep up.

Another (semi) pro tip: If you add / leave an item in your Sephora or Ulta cart while signed in, in 24-48 hours Honey will often e-mail you with an exclusive points-for-purchase offer for that product by clicking their link and checking out within 24 hours. I recently got 433 points that way just for my moisturizer – and again, 1000 points = $10 gift card!

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