Think of all the education that I’ve missed

Think of all the education that I’ve missed

When last we met, it was spring and our oldest son had just announced he was attending college at UCONN in Storrs. Now he’s graduated* from high school, moved into the dorms, finished up marching band camp, is about to complete his first week of classes, and will march in his first NCAA football game tomorrow!

Our youngest son is now a senior in high school. This week we took his first-ever “back to school” photo without his brother, and I just booked his Sr. Yearbook portraits. He plans to do the sports-report on his school’s daily closed-circuit newscast and loves to video and photograph airplanes in his down time.

Todd just celebrated his 50th birthday on Monday. And in about 6 weeks we’ll raise a glass to our first full year as New England residents. The theme of 2022 seems to be “Everything Everywhere All at Once“. It just. got. interesting.

*Graduation portraits in this post are courtesy of Heather at Fairyography.

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