Since we’ve no place to go

Since we’ve no place to go

We woke up to a white Christmas for our first “Christmas in Connecticut“. It’s been a fast, amazing year that continues to surprise right up until the very end. It’s also been a very bittersweet holiday season (trying to emphasize the sweet) knowing it’s the last one that won’t involve college schedules, the families of significant others and their schedules, and travel-choreography. But come what may, as long as we’re together… And the past two years have definitely redefined the meaning of “together”, allowing for a lot more flexibility.

One more plug to visit my Instagram feed because it’s where I update the most often these days. Spoiler Alert: By early spring there should be a big college / scholarship announcement & reveal!

Enjoy our cards from 2021 (view larger here) and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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