These are a few of my favorite things

These are a few of my favorite things

Several days back I decided to try and update my social media several times a week -and- launch this blog. With my health I don’t have a lot of time online so I figured if I can update things on my end more often that’s at least half the battle. If people can find me

, hopefully it will make it easier for me to reach back out to them…

One of the best ‘jobs’ I ever had was when I started writing a product review column for Professional Photographer Magazine. In the early days the things I wrote about were items / topics I actually used and enjoyed for my own business. The column evolved over time

, but the early days there with my first editor were absolutely amazing. I miss that.

Although I’m no longer a professional photographer

, I wanted to try and do the same thing featuring products and companies from my every-day life. All of my #todaybestthingever items are located here on the blog (and over on Twitter). Hopefully I won’t end up costing you too much money! *wink*

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